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About Our Exclusive Business Networking Group

Imagine having a team of professionals each serving as a highly effective sales arm for your own organization. A professional group of associates personally invested in your success. By becoming a member of the Business Collaboration Group, that is essentially what you benefit from.

Business Collaboration Group otherwise known as BCG, fosters strong reciprocal partnerships in a referral group that truly net results! BCG was established in 2003 and is a very successful Massachusetts Business Networking and Referral Group.

Exclusive Business Networking Group in Woburn, MA

Our exclusive business referral group consist of professionals (one person per profession) who are committed to understanding each others business goals, target markets and value statements in order to assist in marketing each others business through quality business referrals. Click here to view our networking referral group members.

BCG members are committed to carefully identifying targeted opportunities specific to each member’s business throughout the course of their work and through the networking they do in all aspects of their lives. Business Collaboration Group members spend time each month providing other members with qualified leads that will connect them to real business. The synergy of the group is key to its success. It’s more that just a referral group as we have developed a collaboration approach to doing business. Many members work as partners to develop new business opportunities and to meet the needs of the prospect or client.

Business Collaboration Group meets once a month on the third Thursday of each month in Woburn, Massachusetts. Guest are welcome to attend one of our business networking meetings to evaluate our business networking group. If you are interested in attending our Massachusetts network group please contact our Massachusetts Business Referral Group at 781-937-3531.

Please call the group organizer Robert Dickey 781-937-3531 before attending a networking group meeting or complete the brief contact form to request more information about our Massachusetts exclusive business networking group.

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